Samsung Galaxy S9 Updates By Surprise: May 2022 Security Firmware

Samsung announced the discontinuation of support for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ a few months ago, but the company has nonetheless released a new security update for top-of-the-range smartphones of 2018.

And so in recent hours the release of a new update has been launched for these two iconic smartphones of the Korean giant, at least with regard to the versions branded by Samsung Data Base (although it is likely that this update will then be extended globally).

The update released by Samsung matches the G9600ZHU9FVF2 & G9650ZHU9FVF2 build and is directed at Galaxy S9 and S9+. This is the update of Android security patches in May 2022, which are expected to address about 50 OS vulnerabilities.

The update is now being distributed through OTA for users in Brazil and is a part of Samsung’s software support strategy. The deployment is anticipated to include the US and Europe within the next several days.

The support cycle of these Samsung devices is therefore close in style: remember that the last major update arrived on the S9 and S9+ was Android 10.

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