Samsung Quick Share update brings new features and bug fixes

If you are a Samsung user, you probably use this application very often, but in case you didn’t know about the app, here is a short description, the Quick share application is a very useful application, and with its help of it, you can easily share file between nearby devices, it allows you to transfer different type of files including pictures, videos, and other files easily.

Samsung Quick Share Updated v13.3.02.10

Quick share is now updated to the new version, According to the information, the latest update includes four major changes to the app. the app user interface is changed; now it shows more devices as per line, with improved icon color for fond of devices. The update also includes some extra features, like it adds a status notification guide for when devices are waiting to receive files and now provides a URL display and usage guide when users copy a link.

According to changelog, the latest Quick share update appears to be causing a minor issue; some users have reported that when they are using the quick share from toggle, it doesn’t
Respond as before.

What’s new

  • Devices displayed in the order they were found when searching for nearby devices
  • More devices displayed per line, improved icon color for devices found
  • Added status notification guide for when there are devices waiting to receive files
  • URL display and usage guide provided when copying a link

But fortunately, this issue is not a permanent issue. According to the information, you can get rid of this issue by simply restarting your device. It is the only way to fix it now, but if you are still getting the same problem again, then Samsung will surely fix this issue by further updating.

Galaxy device users can easily grab the latest update of the Quick share through the Galaxy store; you should download the latest version as it includes several new features that enhance your file-sharing experience, and you don’t have to worry about the toggle issue, as you know that Quick share still works, you can disable or enable it through the settings app.

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