Samsung presents the new 2000 nits peak brightness display, it could be the Galaxy S23 Ultra display

Samsung’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2023 is currently ongoing in Las Vegas. On the first day of this event, the South Korean tech firm Samsung showcased numerous new devices and technologies in which Monitors, SmartThings Stations, and smartphones are included. Apart from these products, Samsung also introduced a new Display for its Galaxy phone lineup, which has better brightness abilities.

For unawares, brightness is the main component of any smartphone which is indeed helpful to see in the device despite being in penetrating sunlight. But sometimes, when we are in a bright lighted area, it becomes difficult for us to perform any operations on our smartphone because we aren’t able to see in it. To provide a permanent solution to this problem, Samsung has launched a new Display with better brightness support.

Samsung unveils a new smartphone display with 2000 nits peak brightness, Could be used in Galaxy S23 Ultra

Let us tell you that Samsung has recently unveiled a Display for smartphones that is said to have a peak brightness of 2000 nits. This newly-introduced OLED Display has Ultra Dynamic Range, aka UDR certification, which UL Solutions grants. Notably, UL Solutions gave Samsung a total of two marks- UDR 1500 and UDR 2000, which means that the OLED Display can exceed 1500 and 2000 nits, respectively.

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Only Apple is providing slightly similar brightness abilities in its most recent iPhone 14 Pro device. Apple has announced in that manner that its iPhone 14 Pro device Display can be exceeded to 2000 nits if required. In the case of Samsung, we can expect it in the upcoming flagship’s Ultra model device Galaxy S23. However, there is no official confirmation received from the company in this regard.

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