Galaxy S23: New 4k Videos at 60 fps, 3D Advertising, and more

The Galaxy S23 is no longer an unknown name now. Everything about this device has already been revealed, from its specifications to hardware uses, to color/storage options, to possible accessories, and pricing details; we have known more than enough about it. On top of that, now its sample videos and photos also started coming to the fore. Recently, its 4K 60fps video has been shared by a Youtuber. Let’s take a look at it. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can shoot 4K video at 60 fps

Let us tell you that a Youtuber named Edwards Urbina has shared some videos on its Youtube Channel, which are said to be shot by the top-of-the-line Galaxy S23 Ultra device. Particularly, the Youtuber has shared a total of three videos; one is of a forest-like area, one of floating water, and one of a monkey climbing to an electric wire. These videos are provided below, so if you want, you can watch them here. 

Informatively, one thing got clear via those videos, the videos shot by the Galaxy S23 Ultra devices are good in quality. For information, these videos are 4K in resolution and captured a total of 60 frames in a second. It seems one of those is captured by the S23 Ultra’s 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor, and the one in which the zoom ability has been shown is through its Telephoto camera, whether 3x or 10x (unconfirmed). 

An attention-grabbing 3D promotion of the Galaxy Unpacked Event

Besides the Galaxy S23’s videos, another worth-noticing thing is Galaxy Unpacked Event’s eye-stealer 3-Dimentional promotion. Specifically, Samsung is promoting this event through a 3D video projection, which is being streamed at Samsung District, Milan. At the end of this promotional video, there is “Great ready to light up the night” is written. Afterward, the information about the event’s date was given in the last. This video makes it clear that Samsung’s way of promotion is definitely unique and attractive. 

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