The Ultimate One UI 5 Home Screen Customization (Full Guide)

Samsung released its latest One UI 5.0 update last year, this time company introduced some dedicated features which enhanced the customization for Galaxy devices, and users who updated their devices on One UI 5.0 will get more options for personalizing their devices. In the last article, we covered lock screen customization, and now we will discuss the home screen and how you can make changes to it.

One UI 5 Home Screen Customization

There are several features available that will help you to personalize the device’s home screen; you can change different items of the home screen, including wallpaper, home screen layout, Customize app icons, Add widgets to the Home screen, and many more let’s understand how to do it.

Changing the wallpaper 

The first major content of the Home screen is the wallpaper, the wallpaper of the device reflects your personality, so follow the given steps to change the wallpaper

  1. First, touch and Hold them in the empty space of the Home screen
  2. Now tap on wallpaper and style to enter the wallpaper tap
  3. Here tap, on the second tap, it appears on the top
  4. Now click on the wallpaper option on the top left to enter the different category
  5. You will get three categories of wallpaper, including Gallery, featured, graphical, and colors.

In the featured option, you will get new wallpaper if your device is connected to the internet; in the Gallery option, you will get all your offline photos and videos saved on your device. In the Graphical, you will get different types of wallpaper. If you go to the color options, you will see different colors, which you can set as a background of the lock screen, and in the wallpaper services, there are different options available that feature different wallpapers that change after every time you click the power button.

Now, just choose any wallpaper and tap done.

Customizing Homscreen 

The Homscreen of every Android device offers a similar interface; now, with One UI 5.0, you can customize it and add or remove different items from the home screen by going to the Home screen settings. Let’s know how to change it 

  1. Tap and hold the home screen the home screen 
  2. Here tap on the gear icon, which appears at the bottom right of the screen
  3. You will get different options that offer a different option to customize the home screen.

Home screen layout: In this option, you will get two different option that helps to change the layout of home screens, such as Home and Apps screen- if you choose this option, your home screen will be divided into two parts which are holding the widget and favorite apps on the home screen. But if you choose the second option, it will organize all the apps on the home screen according to the space.

Home screen grid: With the help of this option, you can choose the space for apps; for instance, if you choose the 4×6 option, the apps will be arranged in that layout, which will make applying the maximum space for the apps.

Apps screen grid: This option is used for deciding the arrangements of apps, it also offers the same concepts, but the difference is that it will only affect the app drawers page apps.

Folder Grid – with the help of this option, you can easily choose the size of folders you want to create on the home screen.

Other options and their uses

  1. You can add a media page to the home screen, which offers different news and information on the home screen when you swipe right from the home screen to show the media page.
  2. With the second option, you can turn off or turn on the appearance of the App drawer.
  3. If you want that all the items should not to be removed and can’t change the position, you can turn on the lock screen layout, and it will keep safe the arrangements you have made.
  4. Wherever you install any new app, you can decide whether it will show up on the Home screen.
  5. In the next option, you will get the option to hide apps from the home screen and app screen.
  6. In the App icon badges section, you can choose whether you want the notification indication in the form of a Dot or Number, as well as you can turn off the notification indicator.

Change app icon style

App icons are a very crucial part home screen UI which makes the home screen more interactive, but if you place all the app icons in the home screen in their original form, then it will spoil the look of your home screen. Fortunately, with One UI 5.0you can change the style of apps as well as it supports the Material you the theme, which enhances the impression of the Home screen; let’s know how to change the icon style by following the below steps

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Now click on the wallpaper and style;
  3. Here you will see the color palette option; tap it and turn on;
  4. Now choose any of the color palettes which you think are good 
  5. Now turn on the apply palette to app icons. This will apply the color palette changes to apps as well.

Add or remove the widget from the Home screen

Widgets also play an important part in the home screen interface, same as apps, because you can keep them on the home screen for use directly. You can also customize them and place them anywhere on the home screen; let’s know how to do it with simple steps:

  1. Firstly do the same press and hold the home screen;
  2. The Widgets appearing on bottom of the screen, tap on it;
  3. Here the list of different apps will appear; if you tap any of the apps, it will expand and show an option regarding the size of the widget.
  4. Tap on any size and touch the add button.
  5. Now the widget is available on the home screen, hold it and drag it anywhere on the home screen.

Moreover, if you want to add an extra touch to the looks of the home screen, it is advised to add both apps and widgets on the home screen and arrange them properly; try different shapes of the widget and place them nearly, so the home screen looks great.

To do more customization, you can use different Good Lock modules like Wonderland, which enable you to customize the wallpaper, and Theme Park– with this module, you can customize the theme according to the wallpaper easily.

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