Galaxy S10 5G gets new software update, but now not regular

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G users are in for a treat as the company has released a new update for their devices. However, the update comes with a bittersweet revelation that support for other S10 models is ending. And the Galaxy S10 5G models, users will have to bid farewell to software updates and security patches. Because the device has now left the Monthly Security Updates list and it has slipped to the Quarterly Security list. This means that now its security updates will be available every three months.

Samsung currently provides five years of official security updates to all its devices. This policy applies to start with the Galaxy S21. For previous models, we stop at four years of support. And that’s just what’s happening to the Galaxy S10 series.

These Samsung Galaxy devices will no longer receive software updates

The Samsung flagship series launched in 2019 has just definitively hailed official updates from the manufacturer. The Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+ models will no longer receive periodic security updates from Samsung. All of these devices were released in the same period of 2019. However, the quarterly support program is still valid for the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy S10 Lite, as they were later launched on the market.

Galaxy S10 5G gets April 2023 security update

Samsung recently made headlines by releasing a new update for their Galaxy S10 5G model, despite the support for other models ending. This latest update includes the April 2023 security patch, providing users with enhanced security features to protect their devices from potential threats.

The latest April 2023 security patch carries firmware version G977BXXSEHWC1 for Galaxy S10 5G global version. However, the update fixes over 60 security flaws, including the critical ones related to Exynos processors and Exynos modems.

To learn more about the updated Samsung device upgrade programs we suggest you refer to the dedicated page on the official Samsung website.

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