Samsung Galaxy S10 unlocked units grab new security update in the US

Samsung is now rolling out a new security update for the Galaxy S10 devices. It is commendable that the company is still updating its older devices. The Galaxy S10 series devices were launched four years ago and grabbed three Android updates. The Android 12 was the last major update for the device; then, it continued to receive security patches. Now the company has released one more security update for the device; let’s know about it.

The latest update brings a new security patch update in the form of February 2023. The Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e models are receiving the update with different firmware version numbers as G973U1UEU8IWB6, G975U1UEU8IWB6, and G970U1UEU8IWB6 respectively.

The February 2023 security patch brings over 60 vulnerability fixes as per the official documentation of Samsung; the update includes 5 critical, 43 High, and 8 are already included in the previous update. In addition to these, Samsung adds 7 more security vulnerabilities and exposure patches, which are exclusively available for Galaxy devices.

Additionally, sometimes security updates are not only limited to security but also include some minor new features that are added under internal functions of the devices, so users who own Galaxy devices. 

Galaxy S10’s final security update before its official support ends

Samsung Galaxy S10 series was the best flagship device of the year 2019. Samsung has given it regular updates, and in the continuity, it received three major Android updates, and then it was receiving security updates. Initially, it received regular monthly updates, then Samsung downgraded it to Quarterly updates, and currently, it is receiving the second update for the year, it is expected that this will be the last year for four updates, and by next year it will be downgraded to biannual updates category.

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