Samsung Galaxy S23 getting another camera-centric update this June

Samsung is planning to give a new camera optimization update for the Galaxy S23 series devices. Most probably comes in June with the monthly security update. Initially, the update was supposed to come in mid-May, but it did not come yet, so the company may postpone until next month.

The popular tipster Ice Universe claims that the next update could bring some camera-related optimizations. However, there is very less chance of a new feature appearing, but it will fix the issues the same as the last camera optimization update that was available in April 2023 security update.

For recall, the April 2023 security update solved many issues related to Camera and Gallery functions, such as fixing the autofocus behavior, sharpness issues in Super Steady Mode in low light conditions, green line issues, and color banding issues in 50 MP and 200MP resolutions.

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The upcoming update for Galaxy S23 could be focused on resolving the HDR issue that causes a wired halo effect around the objects. Moreover, HDR focus is not as good as expected from a flagship camera device. For example, if we take photos of trees, buildings, or any objects in low light conditions, it looks abnormal; this could be addressed in the June update.

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