Samsung showcases new technologies of display in the SID Display Week event

Samsung is one of the big suppliers of the display; the company has invented many new technologies in the screen segment; currently, the OLED technology is popular, now the company has released a new type of OLED display, which can roll, Flex in, and out, Flex hybrid and slidable Flex solo and QD-OLED technology.

Advanced OLED Panels from Samsung Display

The SID display week is currently running in Los Angeles. In this event, Samsung introduced its new innovative technology in the displays like Rollable Flex; this screen is very useful for carrying large display devices such as Tablets and notebooks; this pane has the capability of expanding more than five times.

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Meanwhile, the Flex in-and-out display gives the capability to fold the screen in and out fully 360 degrees. This technology will give a plus point to foldable devices by removing the problem of hinges. The Flex Hybrid combines the technologies for folding and sliding panels, while Slidable Flex Solo is capable of expanding from a 13-inch tablet to a full 17 inches.

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In addition, Samsung has also shown the QD-OLED panel during the event, which debuted last year debuted during CES 2022. This technology is an energy saver and offers greater brightness. To unveil the technology company has showcased a TV with 77- an inch QD-OLED panel and also introduced a 34-inch monitor and a 49-inch monitor.

With the flexibility of the display, the company has also used AI technology and the latest organic materials; the QD-OLED 2023 technology of Samsung display is characterized by an increase in the maximum brightness of the RGB color channels by more than 2000 nits.

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