Samsung introduces advanced OLED display that can read fingerprints and pressure

Samsung is all set to launch the advanced technology OLED display that can read the fingerprint as well as it is also able to measure heart rate and blood pressure. The company will showcase this display in the SID display week 2023 running in Los Angeles.

Samsung introduces advanced OLED display

Samsung is one of the big manufacturers of displays; the company has introduced much extraordinary technology to these displays and enhanced the viewing experience. Now with the new advancement, the new OLED is integrated with the OPD (Organic PhotoDiode) sensor and eliminates the need to add a separate fingerprint reader underneath the panel, saving space and costs.

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This will enable the screen to accept fingerprints anywhere on the screen, and it is also capable of taking multiple fingerprints at the same time. In addition, the latest panel is also able to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and stress level at the same time.

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The technology is based on a sensor to get accurate data about heart rate and blood pressure. To do so, it uses light which reflects contraction and relaxation of blood vessels inside the finger, and then the OPD sensor recognizes it and converts it into information about user health.

In addition, Samsung Display said, “To accurately measure a person’s blood pressure, you need to measure blood pressure in both arms, Samsung Display said. “The Sensor OLED display can detect the fingers of both hands simultaneously, providing health information more accurately than existing wearable devices.”

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