WhatsApp will allow to share your screen in video calls

The world’s most popular messaging application, WhatsApp, is getting ready to introduce a new feature to its video calls. This upcoming function will enable users to share their screen with others, facilitating seamless content sharing and collaboration during conversations.

WhatsApp is working on a feature to sharing your screen in video calls

WhatsApp is set to introduce a highly anticipated feature that has already gained popularity on other platforms. This new addition, which allows users to share their screen during video calls, proves to be extremely useful for presentations or simply showcasing content to other participants. Recent examinations of the app’s latest version, of WhatsApp Beta, have revealed the imminent arrival of this screen-sharing option.

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While currently hidden from users, modifications to the application’s code have unveiled the interface for content sharing. The forthcoming option will be represented by an icon of a smartphone with an arrow located within the video call toolbar at the bottom of the interface. Upon tapping the icon, WhatsApp will seek permission to transmit content, and upon acceptance, the user can initiate the broadcast.

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Once the transmission is underway, users can choose to stop sharing content at any time, while others in the call will have a real-time view of the shared screen. Undoubtedly, this highly useful feature will be warmly welcomed by WhatsApp users who frequently engage in video calls. Now, we eagerly await the official release of the update that will bring this function to all users of the app.

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