Google Keep Tile will be available for WearOS Galaxy Watches

Google Keep is a general application which offers the facility to save notes in one place, the application was first introduced in smartphones, but now it is available for smartwatches as well; Google has introduced many new functionalities for the app and now preparing for a new update, the app is capable of displaying different notes on the display of watch face in the form of Tile.

As Google will push the update of Google Keep for all the smartwatches running on WearOS, it is obvious that Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series watches will also get the update as well. A similar Single note widget was recently added to the Google Keep Android smartphone app. 

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According to the information, with the new update, Google Keep will be more compatible with smartwatches; it will give you the option of a single tile which lets you select one of your notes by swiping left or right from the Watch face on your watch.

Moreover, in the Tile, there will be space for four lines of text. It also allows you to add images to the notes. Additionally, it also supports multiple tiles for a single note, which means you can display more than one note on the Tile for quick access.

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