Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro receive advanced features for Ambient Sound [Firmware]

Samsung is now rolling out the new update for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro; the features of the update have been previously announced on the occasion of Global accessibility awareness day. It was expected to be released in June, and the prediction went right.

Currently, the update is serving Korean users. The latest update comes with version number R510XXU0AWF3. And as Samsung promised last month about the Ambient feature, the same change will be available as mentioned in the changelog.

A new function has been added to the earbud settings lab menu.

  • Added ‘Adjust call clarity’ useful in noisy places
  • Added ‘Listen louder’ for ‘hearing assistance’

According to the changelog, Samsung has increased the levels of Ambient sound volume; now, users can set it up to 5 levels which was limited to 3, as according to the original announcement, there will be some options for adjusting the ambient sound volume separately for each year.

Apart from these, the company has also added two new features which will improve communication; one is Adhjust call clarity which will help to enhance voice clarity in noisy places. While the other one is “Listen louder,” which allows you to set louder, it will help those users who have some hearing problems.

As of now, the update for Galaxy Bud 2 pro is available in South Korea; it is expected that Samsung will expand it to more countries in the next few days. Whenever the update is available for your device, you can easily install it through Galaxy wearable on the connected smartphone or tablet.

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