Samsung Internet Browser new beta update available: What’s new

When it comes to user safety, no company can be reliable as Samsung; from the hardware segment to the Software company always makes its product as safe as possible. The Internet Browser also follows the same path; in this application, you can see different safety features such as secret mode, smart anti-tracking option, content blockers, and many more.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta v22.0.0.38 update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the beta variant of its Internet browser. The latest update carries version However, the new update doesn’t bring any new features to the app, but it has a significant size of 115.37 MB; the update may include some improvements for the existing functions.

The application is openly available for all Android smartphones, so Galaxy users can download the update via any of the stores, either the Galaxy store or Google Play store. It is worth noticing that there are two applications available in the name Samsung Internet browser, one is beta, and the other is stable, and currently, the update is available for the beta variant.

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