Galaxy S23 gets another One UI 6 beta update before going to stable in China

Samsung’s One UI 6 beta program is running successfully in several countries on selected devices, including the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Flip 5, and many more. However, the company is more focused on the Galaxy S23 devices, and after introducing the nine beta updates, it has also brought a stable update initially for the device to do extra testing, while in China, the company has introduced one more beta update before going to stable.

Galaxy S23 One UI 6 beta 10 in China

Samsung has rolled out a new beta update in China. Earlier this update, Chinese users received three beta updates on their devices, which means it is the fourth beta update for the device, but if we analyze the firmware version, it looks like an extra beta update compared to other countries. Informatively, the latest beta update comes with firmware version number ZWJO and comes in a software package of 490MB. According to the changelog, the latest update does not bring any new features, but it comes with improvements for device stability and fixes some faults.

If you are using a Galaxy S23 device in China, you should start getting notifications about the update availability for the device, but if you haven’t registered your device for beta updates, you can still do that by following the below steps.

How do I join the beta program?

  • Head to the Samsung Members app.
  • Log in to your Samsung account and tap on the Registration for One UI 6.0 beta program on the banner.
  • Fill out the form and complete the enrollment process.

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