Samsung AR Emoji Editor adds an accessibility feature with Talkback support

Nowadays, people prefer online massage services over phone calls because of the wide availability of the internet; text chats lack emotions which sometimes mislead communication, so to get rid of this problem, we have the option to use emojis that carry different types of emotions and can be good for convey true meaning. Samsung has taken this service to a new level.

Samsung AR emoji is an additional application that allows users to customize the emoji. It offers several options which will help to make different types of changes to it, such as makeup, clothing, accessories, and many more. With some new updates, the company has introduced many new features for it. Now with the new update, there will be new feature will be added to the AR Emoji Editor.

Samsung AR Emoji Editor gets Talk Back support

Samsung is receiving a new update in the last few hours; it is AR Emoji Editor, an application dedicated to the creation of 3D avatars; with a weight of about 175 MB, the update brings the software to version According to the update changelog, Samsung first fixed some unspecified errors, plus the app receives an accessibility-related feature thanks to support for Talkback.

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