June 2023 security update reaches to the Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A33 5G in South Korea

Earlier, Samsung rolled out the June 2023 security update to the Galaxy A Quantum in South Korea; now, it is expanding the same update to two more Galaxy A series devices, including Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A33.

The update will be available for both of the devices through OTA (over the air), it means users of Galaxy A33 5G and Galaxy A51 5G should receive a notification regarding the update. But if you haven’t received the notification yet, don’t worry; it will be available to every user soon. To get confirmed, you can also check the update from the system settings.

The latest update for Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A33 5G is coming with these firmware versions A516NKSU6FWF2 and A336NKSU4CWE1, respectively. The update brings a new June 2023 security patch update, it brings new enhancements for the security of the devices. 

Samsung has listed the Galaxy A33 5G device in the Quarterly security update list, while the Galaxy A51 5G is listed under the biannual update category, which indicates the frequency of the updates available for the device in the form of the security patch.

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Galaxy A51 5G was launched back in 2020, while the Galaxy A33 5G was introduced last year; due to this, the Galaxy A51 has already received the three major updates and completed its major update cycle, but the Galaxy A33 has only received one major update and will get minimum two more Android updates in the future. The common thing between both of the devices is that they will get more security updates in the future.

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