Two Way To Customize Lock Screen Widgets On Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung’s One UI offers various incredible features and enhancements in its Galaxy devices, which include an enhanced camera app, customized wallpapers, dynamic battery, weather widgets, and many more. Along with various features, Samsung has also included some new customization features for Lock screen Widget in its One UI 5.1

Samsung One UI lock Screen Widgets

Through the One UI 5.1 lock Screen Widget customization features, you can simply change the look of your lock screen by adding the lock screen widgets you want. You can add various recreation tools/devices to your lock screen, such as music, weather, alarm, modes and routines, and a voice recorder for smooth multitasking. 

Samsung One UI 6 and Android 14: Everything you need to know

In Samsung’s One UI, the company has added a new option of Modes and Routine under the Lock screen >> Widget, which allows you to perform several tasks and change the device’s settings based on your actions. After enabling the lock screen widget customization feature, you can see helpful information by tapping on the clock on the lock screen without unlocking the devices.

How to Customise Lock Screen Widgets?

Samsung’s One UI offers the Lock screen customization feature, which allows you to customize your lock screen as you want.

You need to follow some simple steps to add widgets to your lock screen and make it more personalized. Lock screen customization can be done in two ways. Check out below to know more:

By tapping the clock on the lock screen:

  • Tap on the Clock on the Lock Screen.
  • Scroll down to get the Settings option.
  • Tap on Settings, and unlock your device, then the Widgets screen will appear in front of you. 
  • Choose the Widget you need to add to your lock screen by turning on the toggle.
  • That’s it. You can also reorder the widgets by tapping on the reorder option.

By clicking on the Settings menu:

  • Tap on the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Lock Screen tab.
  • Tap on the Widgets option.
  • Turn  on the toggle of Widgets that you want to add to your lock screen.

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