iPhone 15 series might outlast the Galaxy S23 in terms of battery life

Comparing the battery life of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 with Apple’s iPhone, Galaxy S23 Ultra stands steady with a 5000mAh battery capacity. Apple to put on their efforts to replace Samsung with its upcoming iPhone 15 series. With its optimized structure due to the Bionic A16 chipset, which accounts for speed and versatility, the iPhone 15 series will surely compete with the Galaxy S23 series.

Till now, the Galaxy S23 series is considered to be one of the best products from the firm.

According to the rumors, the battery capacity will be gradually expanded for the upcoming iPhone series by Apple. Information gathered from the source, ITHome, the iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Plus will be equipped with a battery capacity of 3,877mAh and 4,912mAh. And for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will have 3,650mAh and 4,852mAh battery capacity. All of the iPhone 15 series provide more battery life than the 14 series.

PhoneBattery Capacity
iPhone 153,877mAh (18% bigger than iPhone 14)
Galaxy S233,900mAh
iPhone 15 Plus4,912mAh (13% bigger than iPhone 14 Plus)
iPhone 15 Pro3,650mAh (14% bigger than iPhone 14 Pro)
Galaxy S234,700mAh
iPhone 15 Pro Max4,852mAh (12% bigger than iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Galaxy S23 Ultra5,000mAh
Via -SamMobile

Collaboration with Google for modifying Android and creating highly power-efficient processors utilizing Samsung Foundry’s recently announced second-generation 3nm production technology can be considered the best solution for Samsung to extend the battery life of their models. TSMC’s 3nm process technology, which may boost performance while decreasing power consumption by 35% compared to Apple’s existing 5nm process technology, will be utilized in the iPhone 15 Pro series.

Usage of this chip will produce the batteries for iPhone 15 series that are 12-18% bigger than the iPhone 14 series. Battery sizes for the Galaxy S23 and S23+ are 3,900mAh and 4,700mAh, and Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a 5,000mAh battery life. Rumored reports state that 4nm processors will be used in the Galaxy S24 series. Exynos 2400 may be enabled in the S24 series for Africa, Asia, and Europe regions.

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