Samsung updates Multi Control with new features

Samsung keeps on launching something new because its fans are so demanding. It is not possible for the fans to keep buying the company’s latest models all the time. So for their happiness, it always tries to launch new software updates. This time Samsung updated its Multi Control feature. The update is now available with the version. Also, the update will arrive with the installation package size of 8.66 MB.

What’s new in the update:

The update brings up numerous features, which give ease of experience to the user while using the phone, and increases the stability of the phone. This update provides the facility to the users to drag and drop their files between their Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book.

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In addition, users can now copy and paste their documents or images between Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book, which will definitely increase the excitement among users. Furthermore, the South Korean company now allows users to easily input their text on the Galaxy Tab with the keyboard on their Galaxy Book. Additionally, users now vary their features depending on the model.

Condition for the facility:

To experience these amazing and enhance the features user’s Multi Control Setting should be “On”. Plus, the company has put another term which is the user’s Galaxy tab, and Galaxy Book must be signed in with the same Samsung account.

Samsung’s Multi Control:

Samsung’s Multi control application provides users with an easy way to use their mouse and keyboard smoothly with their Galaxy phone and Galaxy Tablet at the same time. This feature not only allows the user to drop and drag his content but uses his laptop’s trackpad and keyboard to control his phone without even touching it.

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