One UI 6 closer to stock Android and Google Pixels

Rumours suggest that Samsung’s next major Android skin, One UI 6, may be closer to the stock Android look and feel. This would be a departure from previous versions of One UI, which have been known for their more customized look.

There is no official confirmation from Samsung yet, but the rumours are based on the fact that One UI 6 will be based on Android 14, which itself has a more stock Android look. Additionally, some early screenshots of One UI 6 seem to show a more simplified design with fewer visual flourishes.

Of course, it’s possible that these screenshots are just early prototypes and that the final version of One UI 6 will look different. But if the rumours are accurate, it would be a welcome change for some users who have found One UI to be a bit too cluttered.

We’ll have to wait until Samsung officially announces One UI 6 to know for sure, but the early signs are promising. If the new skin does indeed take on a more stock Android look, it could be a major improvement over previous versions.

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The One UI 6 will be based on Android 14 and will be available in a stable version starting with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, probably during the fall. The timing will depend on the one hand on the development of the operating system itself, which has come to beta 4 these days, and on the other hand on the beta program that will be proposed by the South Korean manufacturer. 

Here are some of the specific changes that have been rumoured:

  • A simplified design with fewer visual flourishes.
  • A more consistent use of colours and fonts.
  • A more stock Android-like layout for settings and notifications.
  • The ability to add widgets to the lock screen.

It’s still too early to say for sure what One UI 6 will look like, but the rumours are certainly intriguing. If Samsung is indeed planning to make the skin more stock Android-like, it could be a major improvement over previous versions. We’ll just have to wait and see what the company announces in the coming weeks.

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