Download WhatsApp for Galaxy Watches (WearOS)

Succeeding a few months in beta, WhatsApp has released its very first formal WearOS app. From this, it turns out that now all the users with their Android smartwatch will be able to download WhatsApp. And without the help of a phone, users can talk on WhatsApp with their friends from their smartwatches. Here you can easily download WhatsApp for Galaxy Watches.

In May, WhatsApp for Wear OS was officially announced at Google I/O, but at the moment, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has revealed that WhatsApp for Wear OS is now rolling out across the world. But the fact is, the app is only available if the user’s Watch runs WearOS 3 or higher and offers the users facility of text messages, voice chats, voice calls, and emojis same as the users can on WhatsApp on the Smartphone app.

Download WhatsApp for Galaxy Watch

Users can maintain a seamless connection and enjoy convenient access to chats right from their wrists with the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and various other WearOS smartwatches. The WhatsApp Wear OS application provides a user-friendly interface, displaying a concise list of recent contacts, along with access to the Settings menu and the convenient ‘Open On Phone’ option.

There is also the option to send voice messages, emojis, and quick replies; WearOS devices hold up LTE connectivity with them; this allows users to use WhatsApp even when their smartphone is not in range or with them. For instance, if the user forgets his phone at home in a hurry, then he can use WhatsApp on his Watch without the phone.

You can download WhatsApp for WearOS: from the Google Play Store.

The interesting fact is that native WhatsApp is not yet available on Apple Watch. Here’s Wear OS goes further than Apple Watch. For Android, not all Smartwatches are powered by Wear OS, but still, there are various options if users want WhatsApp on their wrist; the best example is Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and also Galaxy Watch 5.

What features are on WhatsApp for Galaxy Watch?

Linked devices may not have all the features found on WhatsApp for your phone, but here are some of the features available in beta: 

  • Read chats and reply using voice or text.
  • Mute a chat.
  • Block and report chats and users.
  • Verify end to end encryption.
  • View images.
  • Use stickers.
  • Play back voice messages.
  • Send outgoing reactions
  • Answer and decline phone calls.

How to connect WhatsApp with your Galaxy Watch

  • Make sure your Android phone is next to you.
  • For the best experience, connect to Wi-Fi.
  • You’ll only be able to link WhatsApp on WearOS with the same phone number your phone is using.
  • WhatsApp is compatible with WearOS version 3.0 and later.

On your Galaxy Watch

  1. Open WhatsApp on your WearOS Galaxy Watch.
  2. You’ll see an eight character code.
  3. Follow the instruction to continue on phone.

Unlock your Android smartphone

  1. Unlock Your Phone
  2. WhatsApp should open automatically.
  3. Now You’ll see a prompt asking you to confirm if you’re trying to pair a new watch. If this doesn’t happen, check your notifications.
  4. Enter the same eight character code you see on your smartwatch.
  5. Tap Confirm.

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