Good Lock Dropship gets a new update with a lot of improvements in the functions

Dropship is one of the file-sharing services which is exclusively available for Galaxy devices. With the help of this app, you can easily transfer data to not only other Android devices but also easily send it to iOS and Web. To improve its functions, the company has rolled out a new update.

Samsung Dropship update V0.9.20

Samsung has now rolled out a new update for the Dropship app; the new update comes with version number 0.9.20. The update comes with a lot of improvements in the functionalities. Like it improves the upload speed by increasing the upload files limit up to 5. It can now automatically copy links to the clipboard after starting file upload. It improves thumbnail generation performance when sending a large number of files.

Additionally, it fixes a lot of problems, such as Images downloaded to the device are improved to show the original on the preview screen within the app; when previewing an image, use the mouse and keyboard to move forward, next, zoom, Add a button to make it collapsible. And also added a dark mode on/off button and Fixed the problem that the previously sent page appearing when the app starts.

Download One UI 5.1 Good Lock’s updated plugins and modules


Currently, the Dropship is available only in South Korea, so users there can download the latest update from the Galaxy store as it is a part of the Good Lock suite, so it will also be downloaded through it as well.

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