Samsung release a new version for its Bixby Voice

Samsung has rolled out its other latest update for its intelligent voice assistant, which is known as “Bixby Voice.” The brand provides the facility to the users through this Bixby Voice, by which the users can control their device easily by just giving voice commands.

The latest update for Bixby Voice arrived with its unique identification build number, which is the firmware version. It also has its installation package, which is just 65.21 MB in size.

The update consists of a lot of betterment and improvement. It will refine the application as well as enhance the user’s experience. Now the users can control their device more as it is compatible with the previous.

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What’s new in this update:

Through this latest update, the place of the Bixby view has changed for Tablet and Foldable devices, or we can say for large-screen devices. Now in Tablets and Z Fold and Z Flip series devices, the place of the Bixby view gets changed and placed to the bottom-right like Windows and DeX.

The brand has also improved the wake-up performance, which will surely enhance the user experience. And also solve the issue regarding ASR recognition. Apart from all this, the company rolled out this update with all the functional improvements as well as the bugs and known issues fixes, which were present in the previous version.

Samsung Bixby brings new features and improvements

All these improvements and improvements will enhance the user’s experience. Also, now the users have more control over their devices by just giving voice commands. The only condition applied is the user’s device must connect to the mobile network or WiFi as well as must sign in to their Samsung Account. All of these changes, which have come with this update, make the application more convenient for the users.

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