WhatsApp Video message feature will soon be available publicly

The WhatsApp team rapidly added new functionalities to the app that are well appreciated by its users. In a short time company introduced many useful features and continued them. A few days ago, Whatsapp rolled out a beta update that brought a new video massage feature which was limited to beta testers only. But now, according to the official post of Meta, the company will soon bring this feature to all users in the next few weeks.  

Video message feature

The latest Video message feature work the same as a voice message, which is previously available in the app. Like when you want to send your instant recorded voice to anyone just by tapping and holding the mic icon bottom right in the chat window, now, with the upcoming update, you will also get the facility to send short videos immediately.

How you will use the feature 

As said before, the video message option is also available in the same place on the mic icon. To switch it to the video message option, you just have to tap on the mic it will change to the video camera icon; now, hold tap and hold the icon and record the video; when you have done recoding, then release the button, then it will automatically send. It is worth noticing that you can only record a 60-second video. The company is also claiming that these messages will be protected with end-to-end encryption, which provides full security for your personal information.

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