Samsung and LG gearing up to participate in the IAA Mobility 2023 event

The largest international trade show for logistics, transportation, and mobility is called the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA Mobility). This event is the biggest automobile show in the world and is frequently used by manufacturers to debut brand-new cars, goods, studies, and ideas to the public. From Tuesday, September 5 through Sunday, September 10, 2023, the IAA Mobility will be held over six days in Munich, Germany, with the theme “Experience Connected Mobility.” Two giant tech manufacturers, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, plan to attend the IAA Mobility 2023.

Numerous world premieres that showcase the automobile industry’s capacity for innovation and sustainability will be presented at the IAA. On this occasion, Samsung Electronics’ Device Solutions (DS) Division, Samsung Display, and LG Electronics will all make their debuts. There will be exposition booths for LG Magna and Samsung SDI. A joint venture between LG Electronics and Magna International called LG Magna e-Powertrain was founded in July 2021.

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The firms’ aim is to showcase their improved automotive technology and increase their client base by concentrating on vehicle electric and electronic components. The 2019 and 2021 IAA Mobility events were held in the Munich and Frankfurt Main regions of Germany. Electric mobility and connected automobiles are the two crucial subjects of IAA Mobility. Oliver Zipse, Oliver Blue, and Christiano Amon, the CEOs of BMW, Volkswagen, and Qualcomm, will be the major presenters at the event.

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Infotainment, which falls under the purview of the Vehicle Solution (VS) Business Unit; Electric Vehicle Powertrain, under the leadership of LG Magna; and Vehicle Lighting Systems, provided by ZKW, are the three key pillars that LG Electronics intends to follow to grow its automotive business. Although LG Electronics won’t have a dedicated display stand at the IAA, the firm will enter as a sponsor. This is a perfect chance for LG to grab its opportunities in front of international automakers.

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Approximately 800,000 people and 994 exhibitors from 39 countries were greeted by the organizers during the 2017 IAA Mobility event. The IAA Mobility Motor Show, which is put on by the German Association of the Automotive Industry, includes seminars, lectures, and conversations in conjunction with a theme, including research and development outcomes in the automobile sector.

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