Samsung halts import of laptops and tablets in India

The import of tablets, laptops, and personal computers has been restricted by the union administration. A government notification released on Thursday lists a small number of devices that would need a license to be imported into India, including laptops and tablets, according to reports from Bloomberg. The action is anticipated to have an influence on the supply chain of significant manufacturers like Apple, HP, Samsung, and other Indian market competitors. This limitation was brought about due to security concerns and the need to increase indigenous production.

In the Bloomberg report, Apple, Samsung, and HP are mentioned as the major brands listed under this rule. The source added that with the impending Diwali shopping season, the companies are already consulting with the federal government on how to issue licenses as swiftly as possible. After the announcement, Samsung halted the importation of its laptops and tablets, but now the firm has begun its import process after the prohibition has been postponed by the government.

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In an effort to attract manufacturers of laptops, tablets, and other electronics to the most populous country in the world as businesses strive to diversify their supply chains outside China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration is presently accepting applications for a 170 billion rupee financial incentive program. Around 65% of computers and laptops in the country are imported. Out of which 70 and 80 percent of imports come from China. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2024 (FY24), India’s import of electronic goods increased by 6.25 percent to $19.7 billion.

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The government is trying to restructure the supply chain for these items; therefore, the most recent decision is anticipated to have a big influence on the Indian market. The listed brands can import their manufactured gadgets without a license until October 31, 2023. From November 1, 2023, the selected brands should follow the stated restrictions for importation.

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