Samsung updates a bunch of its Galaxy stock apps amid One UI 6 beta rollout

Samsung applications come out of the box with Galaxy devices, and due to their importance, the company has named them as essential apps. There is a big collection of apps available under the Galaxy system, and to keep them refreshed, the company gives new updates from time to time. Now,  to bring the compatibility of One UI 6 features, Samsung has rolled out new updates for several apps.

Currently, the company has rolled out the new update for these apps: Samsung Gallery, Samsung Reminder, Samsung Notes, Samsung Calendar, Samsung Clock, Samsung Camera, and Samsung Phone. Samsung Keyboard, Samsung Galaxy Store, and Samsung Members

All the application-grabbing updates don’t get any proper changelog that describes the changes, which ultimately indicates that the new update doesn’t bring any significant features, and as we said before, these updates may only include some improvements to bring compatibility for One UI 6.

Samsung updates One UI Home after One UI 6 beta

Application NameGalaxy Store linkAPK Mirror link
Samsung Gallery v15.0.00.17Click hereClick here
Samsung Reminder v12.5.00.11Click hereClick here
Samsung Notes v4.4.09.6Click hereClick here
Samsung Calendar v12.5.00.12Click hereClick here
Samsung Clock v12.3.00.10Click hereClick here
Samsung Camera v14.0.00.36Click hereClick here
Samsung Phone v15.0.12Click hereClick here
Samsung Keyboard v5.8.00.33Click hereClick here
Samsung Galaxy Store v4.5.60.5    —–Click here
Samsung Members v4.6.01.2Click hereClick here


  1. You can also update the Galaxy Store within the app itself; just open the app, click on Menu, then select settings, tap on About Galaxy Store, and download the new version of the app.
  2. It is possible that you may not find new updates for all the apps on your phone because the company rolls out the apps according to the requirements of the devices.

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