Samsung TV Plus and CJ ENM for enhanced free ad-supported TV services

In 2015, Samsung forged its own path by launching Samsung TV Plus, a FAST (free ad-supported TV) streaming and video service that offers users free access to sports, news, movies, and TV channels and is built into the company’s Tizen smart TV platform. This resulted in many content and media collaborations for the firm. The entertainment and mass media division of CJ ENM in South Korea was originally known as CJ E&M. CJ ENM is the producer of must-watch TV programs that have a devoted and rising fan audience. They are at the heart of K-POP’s success on the international music scene.

Further, Eunhye Park, the head of CJ ENM’s Content Distribution Strategy, wanted to multiple the growth of the company to a larger extent with two major goals in mind. To look for areas where CJ ENM’s advantage lessens the risks and engage with others who could share the risk and help in development. Samsung Newsroom brought together Yujung Kang, Junga Park, and Sejin Woo from Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business along with CJ ENM’s Content Distribution Strategy team, Eunhye Park, Jipyeong Cheon, and Jiyeong Kim, to discuss the development and progress of Samsung TV Plus.

With the initiation of Samsung TV Plus, the firm achieved a milestone in the TV market, and now it intends to use TV Plus to enter the content sector. The partnership with CJ ENM may provide a platform for content providers, advertising partners, and viewers. With the availability of useful data beyond viewer ratings, such as when and where viewers watch, and more, managing content and ads becomes more effective, all credits to Samsung TV Plus. According to Omdia, smart TV shipments made up 92% of all TV shipments in the first quarter of 2023, which resulted in the rise of Samsung TV Plus.

Samsung TV Plus app update brings vertical video support

CJ ENM needs collaboration, as in Korea, the FAST services are still in the back seat as viewers enjoy OTT platforms and cable channels to a greater extent. Samsung TV Plus received CJ ENM’s brand channel in May 2023, assisting in the platform’s ascent to the position of top FAST service in Korea. Fast is a well-liked choice for customers in the regions of North America and Europe as they seek low-cost TV subscriptions. But the feature is still unknown to many. That’s why, to improve the user experience and grow the market in Korea and elsewhere, Samsung is contacting content producers. The platform is now accessible in 24 nations globally, and CJ ENM has partnered with Samsung to enter the North American market.

In the near future, the monthly active user base of Samsung TV Plus may hit 58 million in 2027, as per the predictions from Omdia and BlueAnt reports. Earlier this month, we got news that, to commemorate the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023TM, the firm added FIFA+ on Samsung TV Plus for global viewers.

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