Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X App: Here’s how to use it

Even if you own the best Galaxy device with stunning camera features, at times, the pictures you have clicked need some finishing touches to look the best of all. There are some fantastic apps that can help you out. One of them is the Samsung Enhance-X application which lets users customize and redesign their pictures, especially when their great shots have been interrupted by a few unwanted objects or shadows.

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X App:

The Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app is an AI-powered photo editing application that offers brilliant single-tap picture enhancement capabilities while also adjusting a few features such as HDR mode or Moire effect. This feature helps users to make the best out of their pictures. 

Offering a wide variety of photo editing tools, the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app offers a Magic feature which enhances the photos making them more intuitive. With improved photo editing tools, users can customize their pictures according to their choice. Editing tools include analyzing highlights, shading, brightness and contrast, expanding the dynamic range of an image and enriching its lighting without compromising quality.

In addition, other exclusive Galaxy Enhance-X editing functions include Brighten, Fix Blur, Sharpen, Remove Reflection, and Fix Lens Distortion. At the same time, Portrait and Face feature specifically help optimize the lighting and balance of portrait shots.

How to use the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app on your Galaxy Device?

Using the Enhance-X application on your supported Samsung Galaxy device is pretty simple. Just follow the process mentioned below:

  • Install the Galaxy Enhance-X app from the Galaxy Store.
  • Once installed, give permission to access the Gallery app.
  • Choose the photo which you want to edit. The Enhance-X app will automatically determine imperfections and offer several suggestions you can apply to your picture.
  • Since there are several tools, you can explore them, including the Magic feature, HDR, Fix Blur, Remove Reflections, Remove shadows, and many more. Select any editing tools to enhance your picture in just a single tap.
  • You can review the enhancements and tap Save once you are done with your editing.
  • Plus, the Galaxy Enhance-X app will save both the old and enhanced version of your picture.

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