Unlocked Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A53 5G receiving August 2023 security update

Samsung has begun rolling out the August 2023 update for the Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A53 devices. Since early August 2023, the company has continuously rolled out the latest patch update to the devices and swiftly expanded the update in the US.

The latest update for the Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A53 5G is rolling out on the unlocked variants of these devices. Users can easily identify the latest update by the firmware version numbers A526U1UESAEWG3 and A536U1UES6CWG4 in the US. As the update is available for the unlocked variant, it will be available on all carriers. The update is expected to be available soon for the locked variants as well.

Samsung has listed the Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A53 5G devices in the monthly security update category, meaning these devices will get a new update every month.

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The August 2023 update only brings a new security patch, so don’t expect any innovation or new features for the device; however, it may contain some improvements for the functions to boost the performance of the device. Meanwhile, it is fully focused on enhancing the security of the devices.

The Galaxy A52 5G device was launched in 2021 and comes with Android 11, while the Galaxy A53 5G is the next-generation device, which was launched in 2022, so it comes with Android 12. Both of the devices have received some new updates and will be eligible to get Android 14 before the year’s end.

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