Xiaomi Aims to Match Samsung’s Software Update Policy

Xiaomi has always been known for manufacturing stylish smartphones that are both powerful and affordable. In terms of design, performance, and specification, Xiaomi-manufactured devices have always served their customers. The company’s software upgrades are the one thing that most customers complain about, but it seems that will not be a concern anymore. The business and its section recently unveiled their two new smartphones, the MIX Fold 3 and the Redmi K60 Extreme Edition. With this, things are going to change, according to reports from the source, the Android Authority.

Xiaomi has pledged to provide four versions of Android and five years of security firmware updates that will accompany the Redmi K60 Extreme. But this is not as clear as it is for all the customers around the world because this update, which is expected to pledge, currently only pertains to China. This can be seen as the firm wanting to compete with Samsung, and for that, it needs to start doing the same with every Redmi device, equipping them with the same software updates as the best Samsung phones.

Worst to Best Update Policy- Samsung now surely is a ruler in the Android World

The forthcoming Redmi K60 Extreme Edition is the first Xiaomi phone to offer this new upgrade, as was confirmed via Redmi’s official profile on Weibo. The phone will also be the first to receive MIUI 15. It is still unclear how many will be present even if MIUI’s version changes are known. In the official post shared by the firm, there is no indication whether other devices will be receiving the new Android and OTA updates. And also, it’s not clear if this software policy will apply to Xiaomi phones sold elsewhere or if it’s exclusive to China. With the same policy as Samsung, Xiaomi will achieve new milestones.

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