Closing Apps on Samsung Phones Doesn’t Save Battery

Samsung provides many features that help extend your battery life. For instance, you can use the auto optimization feature, which is available on almost all Galaxy devices. But if you think you can save your device’s battery by closing the apps, then it is your misunderstanding because the Galaxy internal system works differently.

How Galaxy’s internal system works to manage apps

Samsung has designed its internal Galaxy device system to manage the Galaxy devices so accurately as well as optimize the functions so they consume less power. So if you close any app, it automatically goes into a state of suspension by the intelligent system management. In this way, the files of the said app will be managed by the RAM to be available in case you want to reopen the app.

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But if you go one step further and think that I force stop the app, which will wily cut out the app load from the system and save battery, then here you are half right and half wrong, because if you don’t want to use any app for a long time, then you are right; you can force stop it and save your device battery as it won’t use power in the background, but if you open it frequently, then it will have a negative impact on battery because after forcing stop any app, it will remove from the system’s RAM management, and when you open it will restart all the process and consume more battery.

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However, if you want to save your phone battery, there are some other ways available, like using your device in power-saving mode. In this way, your device will limit the processing power, and you will get more battery life with less performance. In case of emergency, you can also save your battery by applying flight mode, which will restrict the cellular network and save more battery. When you are facing network fluctuation problems frequently.

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