Samsung to Revive Exynos Processor for Galaxy smartphones

Exynos, Samsung’s own-designed SoC, has been made to give power to its Galaxy devices, but the Korean giant has only achieved half-success with it. The processor works quite well in mid-range devices, but it fails in flagship devices. In the past few years, Samsung has tried to make flagship-level chipsets, but it has failed.

The company tried the Exynos until the Galaxy S22, but after getting complaints, it ditched it and equipped its latest Galaxy S23 device with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. However, according to some reports, the company plans to revive the Exynos processor.

Samsung should take care of the issues before taking the next step

In the past generation of Galaxy devices, Samsung has equipped them with its Exynos processors, but due to some reasons the company has not given proper compatibility to the devices, there are some common issues that are always coming up in the devices in two or three months. Most Galaxy users have faced battery draining and overheating issues, and due to these reasons, devices also failed to give the ideal performance as expected. So the company should keep in mind that if it wants to sell the Exynos variants of devices, it has to work on resolving the problems.

Exynos 2400 may be the game changer

Samsung is planning to bring back the popular Exynos processor with the Exynos 2400. It is expected that the company may install this version of the upcoming Galaxy flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24. According to the report, the new Exynos chipset will be 20% faster than the existing Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The processor is said to be the first to turn on the deca-core CPU design. Let’s hope that this processor will be the best one from Samsung for the Galaxy devices, and then this will be a game changer.

Samsung devices can take advantage of their own SoC

If Samsung brings back the Exynos processor for its devices, then it will be more beneficial for Galaxy devices because Samsung can make necessary changes to the device according to the new chipset. This will make the devices more power-efficient. The company also optimized the function so it would start working more smoothly. Apart from performance, the Exynos-powered Galaxy device will also be available at an affordable price.

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