Samsung announced pre-order availability for The Freestyle Gen 2 with Gaming Hub in the USA

The Freestyle Gen 2 is Samsung’s most anticipated successor with model number SP-LFF3CLA to its well-liked Freestyle portable projector, and it is now available for pre-ordering on the official Samsung website. In the new version, the little projector can also be used to play games on the cloud from anywhere. Freestyle offers free access to around 250 live TV channels as well as 1000 on-demand episodes and films in the US and over 2000 channels across 24 countries globally. On and at a few authorized shops, the Freestyle Gen 2 can be pre-ordered until August 30 at a price of $799.99, and along with the purchase, a case that is IP55-rated and water- and dust-rresistant will be offered.

The gadget comes with enhanced RAM, which provides a faster user experience and easier access to your favorite material. Additionally, the presence of the Samsung SolarCell Remote allows convenient charging whether indoors or outdoors using a solar panel. It is expected to prevent landfills by eradicating 200 million batteries through conventional battery-operated remote controls. All of your favorite streaming services, including Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+, are supported by the Freestyle Gen 2 with Gaming Hub, a full smart TV experience powered by Tizen OS.

Samsung TV Plus, which offers free access to thousands of films and TV series along with live TV channels, is also included with the Freestyle. The Freestyle Gen 2 with Gaming Hub automatically optimizes material for Full High Definition viewing at 1080 x 1920 quality, which allows the projection to reach from floor to ceiling with its cradle platform, which enables 180-degree rotation. With the functionality of Auto Keystone and Auto Focus, the images will be clear and vibrant no matter what angle they are projected from. Nvidia GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, Xbox Game Pass, and other services are now natively supported by the Freestyle projector alone.

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Because it is now possible to play video games of console quality with only a projector and Bluetooth controller, eradicating the need for HDMI accessories. Samsung PurColor technology automates color optimization to produce richer, more lively image quality. The SmartThings app and the Smart Calibration function make it possible to mirror material from your smartphone, which improves the image quality, color, and exposure of what you’re seeing.

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