Samsung may give a sleek frame design to Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ devices

Samsung has made many changes in the design of smartphones, especially for the Galaxy S series. The company has always tried its best to give a fresh look to a device that makes it look unique from other devices. By doing an appreciative job, it looks like the company has reached the peak of design, therefore it doesn’t bring any significant change in the design.

For instance, you can see the back panel of all three-generation Galaxy S series devices, including the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S21. However, there are still some minor changes that are made that give an extra finishing touch to the devices.

According to rumors, Samsung may give the same sleek design for Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ devices, which are available in the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The latest foldable device has a flat frame that is curved at the edges. Additionally, it is also rumored that the Ultra model could be equipped with a titanium frame.

Some rumors also compare this design with the iPhone, but as Samsung is always trying to bring uniqueness to its products, there is a high chance that the company will use only its own product characteristics.

However, it is just a rumor, and we are still approximately six months away from the next Galaxy S series phone launch, so we have more hope that the company will make some more improvements to the looks of the device. As per the last launches of new flagship devices, it is estimated that Samsung could introduce the Galaxy S24 series of devices between January and February.

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