Galaxy Z Flip 5: How to turn on Open the phone to answer calls and turn off the speaker

With every generation, Samsung has made its foldable devices better and more durable. Talking about the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which comes with the latest One UI 5.1.1, has unveiled several intuitive features for Galaxy users. Whether its proprietary hinge design or the highly customizable cover screen, this next-gen smartphone has been brought up by the brand with some enhanced features and technologies. 

Despite having several features, while receiving a call from the cover screen, you have to speak through your speakers-on, and when opening the smartphone to talk, the speakers don’t turn off, which is slightly disappointing. However, you can change this by heading to the call settings of the Flip smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Shows Its Strength Over Z Flip 4

Meanwhile, some users can find it very annoying as you will not be able to turn off the speakers while you are on a call. Whether it’s an important work call, a confidential meeting with your client, some personal topic, or whatever might be the reason, you can easily change these settings for better convenience. Here in this guide, we have discussed how to do that.

How to turn on Open the phone to answer calls and turn off speaker on Galaxy Z Flip 5

Turning off the speakers on opening the smartphone while speaking on a call can be done through the call settings. Here is the process mentioned below:

  • Open your Flip smartphone.
  • Tap on the Dialer app.
  • Hit the three-dot menu at the top right.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Click on the Flip options.
  • Tap the Turn Off speaker when the phone opens toggle to turn it on.

Additionally, you can opt for a much easier option. If you don’t like to answer calls from your cover screen, it offers to spark up with your speakers turned on, so you can select the Open phones to answer calls toggle to turn it on. The moment you turn this toggle on, you can only answer the calls when you open your smartphone. You will get the option by heading to the Dialer app >> three dots >> Settings >> Flip options >> Open phones to answer calls.

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