Samsung LockStar is updated with new features and fixes

Good Lock is like a toolbox for your phone, and it works using different tools called modules. You can pick and choose which tools you want to use to customize different parts of your phone. You don’t have to get all the tools, just the ones you like.

Samsung LockStar is one of the modules in the Good Lock app, and it helps you change how your phone’s lock screen looks. But remember, this tool only works on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. It lets you make your lock screen special. You can add or remove things from the screen, and it can work together with other tools to show you information that you care about.

Some Good Lock Modules Temporarily Unplugged Due to One UI 6 Beta Update

While the Galaxy Store change log lists the update as version, the overview section mentions version It is possible that one of these figures is correct and the other was an error in the wording. It’s a small update, only 8.95 megabytes. It does two things: it makes widgets work better, and it fixes a problem with face recognition.

If you want these improvements, you can get the update from the Galaxy Store. Just search for LockStar, and if the update is available, tap the update button. Or if you have Good Lock, you can also update LockStar from there. It’s easy!

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