Samsung Expands its Virtual Production Portfolio with European Launch of ‘The Wall’

With its newest digital signage series, Samsung previews the future of virtual manufacturing. IBC 2023, which will be held in Amsterdam from September 15 to 18, will feature a showcase of the Wall for Virtual Production with the model name “IVC”, which is accessible in Europe. The North American release made at InfoComm 2023 is expanded upon with this update. Further, no matter how much space is needed for construction, The Wall for Virtual Production is designed to fit any studio setting. The Wall for Virtual Production makes it possible to create immersive material, whether it is for a volume studio or an XR studio.

With the addition of realistic degrees of detail, texture, volume, and hues to virtual content production settings, The Wall for Virtual Production, a pioneer in this field, may enhance projects. A curvature range that may reach up to 5,800 R is present in the new IVC model choices P1.68 and P2.1, which results in a more accurate field of vision. The enhanced genlock mechanism in the display also prevents lost or duplicated frames by keeping The Wall in sync with the system’s signals. The Wall for Virtual Production has 3D lookup tables (LUTs) for color balancing, wide-gamut HDR color processing, and adjusting color across separate cabinets or modules.

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Functionalities of the Wall of Virtual Production:

  1. An enhanced 4:9 aspect ratio that offers several installation possibilities, including the capacity to be hung or stacked with additional displays to maximize outcomes in various production settings.
  2. Black Seal Technology+, which provides the deepest, purest black levels Users will enjoy unmatched contrast that is especially made to withstand the dust and other particles that are prevalent in manufacturing conditions.
  3. A 12,288 Hz refresh rate that, independent of the camera used for recording, reduces flicker lines and guarantees a crisp result.
  4. A 20-bit processing, accurate linear grayscale that reveals the subtleties of each picture, is presented alongside correct color mapping with flawless precision.

Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, stated,The Wall for Virtual Production opens the door to limitless potential for filmmakers, producers, and studios by amplifying digital effects while making virtual content creation easier, faster, and more e cost-effectiveEach feature has been handpicked to empower businesses across industries as they embark on their virtual content creation journey with an unprecedented level of quality.”

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