Samsung Health App gets a facelift with new UI changes- v6.25 update

Samsung Health is the most commonly used application for health across Android devices. Yes,  you heard it right, it is designed by Samsung, but it is not limited to Samsung devices only; it is also available on other Android devices as well. Now the application is getting a new update with some UI changes. Let me know about this.

Samsung Health App New UI Changes with 6.25 update

Samsung Health is getting a new update with version number With this update, Samsung hasn’t revealed any new changes in the changelog, but after updating it on our devices, we have noticed some major UI changes in the app. The daily activity content is now arranged vertically. The exercise content is arranged straight and horizontally. All these changes make it look and feel easier.

Samsung Health’s new update is now available to download on the Galaxy Store. While other Android users can install the latest version through the Google Play Store. In case you didn’t get the update on the respective store, you can also install it directly through a third-party store.

Additionally, Samsung has also updated Samsung Health for smartwatches, which are powered by WearOS, so if you want to get a smooth experience, you can update the app on both devices, including the smartwatch and the smartphone. The latest update for WearOS Samsung Health is currently available for smartwatches with version number

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