Samsung’s SmartThings Find app makes it easy to find your lost credit card

Samsung has unveiled the IoT card, which is a credit card that integrates with SmartThings Find. The business provides it in collaboration with KB Kookmin Card and American Express. Similar to Apple’s Find My function, Samsung devices may now use SmartThings Find to determine their position and notify the card owner. Whether the card is nearby or the owner has left it abroad, this functionality still functions. The functionality is now available in the regions of South Korea; the firm has not announced anything related to offering it in the US. The SmartThings app allows you to invite individuals and then share the locations of your devices with them.

Instead of ultra-wideband, which is also supported by SmartThings Find, Samsung uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to do this. Even when a device is not linked to a network, SmartThings Find makes it simple to locate misplaced items and gadgets like Galaxy smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc. Users can now access features like IoT card location tracking both domestically and abroad and notification alerts when the connected smartphones and the IoT card move apart. Find the connected smartphone when it is lost by applying SmartThings Find to credit cards and connecting them with Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

This also applies to users who are unable to find their wallet while traveling abroad. They can use the SmartThings Find Service on their Galaxy smartphone to find their IoT card or the wallet that was inside. In this initiative, Samsung Electronics will supply the technical infrastructure for connecting IoT cards to SmartThings Find, whereas the other two firms, KB Kookmin Card and American Express, will lead the division of creating IoT cards, issuance, and payment systems.

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