Google Optimized Six Video Streaming Apps for Foldables and Tablets

Google announced that it is updating six of its most popular video streaming apps with better user interfaces (UIs) for foldable phones and tablets. These apps are: YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Google TV, BBC iPlayer, U-NEXT, and ZEE5.

These apps have been updated to take advantage of the larger screens and unique form factors of foldable phones and tablets. For example, YouTube now works great in tabletop mode on foldable phones. Amazon Prime Video’s updated layout on large screens makes it easier to see what to watch and preview details for TV shows and movies. Google TV has also updated its layout on large screens to make it easier to decide what to watch. BBC iPlayer has revamped its layouts to look great on a larger screen size, so you can enjoy their shows on your tablet or foldable phone. U-NEXT and ZEE5 have also been updated to work well on foldable phones and tablets.

Samsung Foldable and Tablets will get better UI optimizations for Android Apps

Google Improves 6 Apps for Foldables and Tablets

Using YouTube on foldable phones is convenient. You don’t have to hold your phone up all the time when watching videos. For example, you can follow a cooking tutorial while chopping veggies or do yoga with your phone on your mat. You can control video playback at the bottom of your phone like pausing or skipping parts.

Prime Video’s new layout on big screens helps you find shows and movies easily. You can watch your favorite show while doing other stuff, like texting a friend about it. You can use split-screen mode too. For instance, you can watch “The Summer I Turned Pretty” and chat with a friend. The app works smoothly on foldable phones, whether they’re open or closed.

Google TV also got an update for big screens. It added a widget on your tablet’s home screen to suggest shows and movies you might like.

BBC iPlayer improved its look for larger screens. You can see show details at the top and more titles at the bottom. When you watch videos, it fills the screen for a better view.

U-NEXT in Japan made its app fit large screens better. They changed the menu to be easier to use on big screens. U-NEXT works well on foldable phones too, whether they’re open or closed.

ZEE5 in India adjusts to any Android screen. On tablets, you can see more shows and details at once. It also works in tabletop and split-screen modes for multitasking.

These apps are getting updated or have already been updated to work better on tablets and foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold from Samsung. This means you’ll have a better experience using these apps in the future. Samsung is also making its own apps work better on larger screens.

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