YouTube also testing Bigger Preview while seeking feature

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the web, and this in itself is a matter of great pride. Up to 90% of users used to prefer YouTube as their favorite platform to view digital content, and all this is the result of Google’s efforts. Plus, Google has given updates to YouTube from time to time according to the convenience of the users.

Once more, YouTube is coming up with a new mind-blowing update, which is under testing. This new feature is about bigger previews while seeking. For now, this testing feature is only available for users who have YouTube’s Premium and available until August 13.

For the last few days, YouTube is continuously giving updates, due to which there is enthusiasm among the users about YouTube. At present, it was the first to update the feature of the “Lock Screen” so that the users can avoid accidental touch. After this, it released a new testing feature by which the user can easily watch videos at 2x speed.

Now, YouTube is rolling out its recently latest third amazing feature, which provides the facility to the users to enlarge the thumbnail of a preview he sees while moving forward or backward in the video.

Apart from this, this new feature is such a facility for the users, which will not only increase the means of entertainment but will also save the time of the users. Because only by looking at the small thumbnail preview users know that they had to adjust their video accordingly. But now, with the help of this new feature, users will get a bigger thumbnail preview while searching.

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