YouTube Trials Gesture-Based 2x Video Playback

Google owned YouTube in 2006 by paying $1.65 billion, which was a huge amount at that time, but today Google has recovered this price with many successful efforts. Another thing is coming out that YouTube is testing a new feature that will further increase the convenience of users.

At this moment can’t say the name of this new feature, but through this, users can watch videos at a very high speed. This test is only available for users who have Youtube’s premium. In this new testing feature, the user, while watching the video, certainly bumps the playback speed to 2x and has to press long anywhere on the player.

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Presently, to increase the playback speed, users have to follow some frustrating steps like tapping on the video to tap the three-dotted menu for choosing the playback speed option. After that, he can speed according to his own. This takes a quiet time, which leads to distraction in the vibe of the video. According to YouTube’s experiment page, as a resolution of this bit issue, Youtube is testing its new feature by which the user can set his playback speed by pressing long anywhere on the player.

The test for this new feature is only available until August 13. For now, this facility is only provided to the user who has a premium, but for now, we can expect that lucky this feature will soon be available for all the users.

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