YouTube Lock Screen Feature Avoid The Accidental Touch

At this moment in time, YouTube is testing a new feature known as Lock Screen, which allows the facility of the screen lock to give a wide berth from accidental tapping and also distracting video. This newest experimental feature to test is only for those who are premium members. 

YouTube brings new Lock Screen option to prevent accidental touches

On YouTube by, just a bit of accidentally touching the vibe of the video kills. And sometimes, it just provokes the user to skip the video. To avoid this frustrating problem, YouTube originally launched this feature on July 6, though we couldn’t get it to work until now. With that, YouTube has extended the “Lock Screen” trial expiration from July 30 to August 5 to reflect the initial absence of the feature.

The feature is available on both Android as well iOS devices. At the same time, watching the video on YouTube where he will see the option of Lock Screen. The screen will lock by tapping on this. And it won’t unlock until the user taps on unlock. 

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How the YouTube Lock-Screen option turns on: 

Users who have YouTube’s Premium Membership can turn on the lock screen facility by following these steps : 

  1. Open “YouTube App”;
  2. Click on your “Profile Picture” on the top right side;
  3. Now click on the “Your Premium benefits” option;
  4. Scroll down and click on “Try new features”;
  5. In the lock screen card, click on the try it out option. 

This Lock Screen facility of YouTube assuredly magnified the experience of watching videos. Now users can enjoy their videotape without unnecessary interrupting by accidental tapping. 

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