MrBeast launches his own website to view statistics from any YouTube channel

By approaching his high-budget films analytically, Jimmy Donaldson has grown to become the most subscribed creator on YouTube. MrBeast is a well-known individual who is renowned for his attention to detail and ability to make the most of every moment his audience spends watching him. Being one of the highest-earning innovators of all time wasn’t Mr. Beast’s happenstance. His movies are quite detailed; lately, he conducted an A/B test to see whether his videos were better with a thumbnail showing an open mouth or one showing a closed mouth.

Now the YouTuber has come up with a thing that is very huge. The popular YouTuber has created a website that will enable users to examine analytics for any YouTube channel. Similar to Social Blade, ViewStats is a statistics website. Alongside fellow inventor Chucky Appleby, MrBeast is the co-founder and designer of the product. Though it is still in beta and limited to English for now, anyone may access it. If you enter the website, you will see that its interface is quite straightforward if you manage to access it.

All you will see is the search box, where users can type in the name of a channel to get to its website, which displays the statistics. Another Chrome plugin for ViewStats is available. According to Appleby, other features, such as thumbnail analytics tools, will be added to the site later on. While the platform’s revenue model is still unknown, Social Blade makes money by charging for access to some of its more sophisticated data. It is also reported that Mr. Beast, LLC, and ViewStats are unrelated businesses. The initiative has been paid for entirely by Mr. Beast and Appleby, the CEO.

Using its celebrity status to set itself apart in the crowded analytics platform market, ViewStats, which it co-founded with MrBeast partner Chucky Appleby, aims to catch eyes. Since Mr. Beast recently sponsored a panel discussion about understanding the YouTube algorithm, a substantial amount of interest has been generated. This indicates that Mr. Beast and Appleby’s influence and experience will be crucial to the platform’s success.