MrBeast Hits Back at Critics of Samsung Sponsorship

A week ago, it was announced that Mr.Beast, Jimmy Donaldson, a YouTuber, had begun vlogging on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. He has over 185 million followers, which makes him one of the most popular YouTubers of all time. To market their products, smartphone manufacturers frequently work with Hollywood celebrities and influencers. MrBeast announced that he will use the Galaxy S23 Ultra as an official mobile vlogging device. The 200 MP primary camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra is joined by a 12 MP ultrawide lens, and two 10 MP telephoto sensors will be used by the YouTuber for capturing and creating his contents.

However, with the recent news of MrBeast’s collaboration with Samsung, There has been some discussion regarding the arrangement with Samsung, which has sparked controversy. Austin Evans, a tech YouTuber, discussed his point of view. Evans pointed out that The Verge’s piece labeled the partnership with Samsung as a “ploy” to encourage younger generations to adopt the brand’s gadgets. Evans said, The tone of this article is so condescending. There’s nothing wrong with Samsung sponsoring the most popular YouTuber in the world. I bet whatever they paid.” Also added: MrBeast is a better ROI than the Samsung ads on The Verge.”

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Another individual has also passed a comment on this: No way, Samsung is sponsoring the biggest YouTuber out there? Probably the best ROI you can find considering the views he pulls. Only CPM better than a MrBeast sponsorship is TikTok organic.” While some netizens felt that Mr. Beast’s popularity would result in a higher return on investment (ROI), In the midst of all these scandals, Mr. Beast has fired back at the speculation surrounding his partnership with Samsung by replying on social media himself.

Mr. Beast replied to Austin Evans by writing,That video will probably get 400,000,000 views. The cost per impression for Samsung is arguably the best in the  world. Not only that, the YouTuber is very close to hitting the milestone of 200 million subscribers on YouTube as well.

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Thanks to “Dexerto