[Update: Fixed] Samsung Galaxy Phone Users Report Missing Trusted Devices Feature

Updated: September 25 – Lately, people who own Samsung phones have noticed that the Trusted Devices feature in Smart Lock is no longer there. Google has fixed this problem for most users, and you don’t have to do anything special. The Trusted Devices menu should now be back, and your previous pairings should be there again. If it hasn’t come back yet, you can try checking for updates to Google Play services by tapping on this link on your phone.

Originally Story – September 22, 2023

Trusted devices suddenly disappeared from Samsung phones. If you aren’t familiar with this feature, here is a short introduction: this feature is used for unlocking smartly by connected devices that you have assigned to it.

After the malfunctioning of the feature, in a report of his experience, he said, “Using Smart Lock to unlock via my Pebble watch is one of my favourite use cases on my Samsung S20 FE. Today Smart Lock stopped working, and when I checked the settings, “Trusted Devices” was no longer listed!”

He further said it is not coming back even after trying several techniques like clearing the cache of Google Play and Google services, but there is no effect on it.

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Moreover, the issue is not only limited to Samsung devices; a similar thing is happening with Pixel devices as well. Now there are only two options remaining: on-body detection and trusted places.

In the case of Google Pixel smartphones, it is said to be missing after installing the Android 14 QPR1 Beta 1 update, which came yesterday for Pixel users. But for Samsung, it does not look like it is related to any update. This happened suddenly, so it is more probably from servers for all the devices, or it may be some type of glitch that could be linked with the Google Play services.

If this issue is related to the Google Play Store, then it could be fixed in the new update, so users have to wait for an update until then they can use other smart lock features like trusted places, which will unlock your phone in your preset location.

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