WhatsApp’s New Search Feature Makes it Easy to Find Status & Channels

The WhatsApp developer team is doing very appreciative work, as it has released several new features for the app in a very short time. Some features provide security enhancements, for example, chat lock and passkey. While some provide improvements for communication like video messages and screen-sharing features, others now provide more utility. The company is about to roll out new search features.

Searching for stories and channels is now easy

Earlier, the search story feature was available for the app, but later it was removed for some reason. Now that the company is bringing it back, it will allow users to search for a status update shared by a specific contact.

Currently, the functionality of the search channel is available for users to find new channels by tapping on the plus button you will find under the channel section. But with the new search feature, the company is planning to integrate the search results of stories and channels.

How do I get the latest features?

The latest search feature is currently in testing, which means the feature is available for beta users. The new update comes with firmware version number If you haven’t enrolled in the beta program yet and want to try this feature, then you can join the beta program by going to the official page. But in case you didn’t get enrollment, you can also install the latest update by sideloading the application from the APKMirror.

In a short time, WhatsApp has grabbed many new features and enhancements, which are also necessary to beat the competition. For your information, Telegram is the biggest competitor of WhatsApp in the market, which offers a plethora of features, so to meet the tough competition, the developer team has introduced all the necessary features.

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