WhatsApp users will get to use AI Assistant in the future

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta, has recently revealed that the company is planning to bring some futuristic features to WhatsApp. More specifically, it has been decided to implement AI in WhatsApp, which will help users resolve certain queries from the app itself. According to the founder, this technology will revolutionize the way users interact on all Meta platforms, including WhatsApp. Further explaining why Zuckerberg is calling them AI agents.

In case you don’t know about Meta, here is a quick introduction: Meta is the parent company of some popular social media applications, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This came into existence after Facebook acquired WhatsApp and Instagram.

Coming back to the news, the new AI integration has also been showcased in the conference. Here we go with the first look, where we get to see the classic WhatsApp conversation, but the chat head contains the name WhatsApp AI agent, which means you will get direct interaction with the AI by simply opening the conversation.

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It will assist you by answering your questions and doubts. It will also be possible to add these agents to groups, mentioning them as participants. The main purpose of AI is to help users enhance their content creation and always make them aware of different tools. Meta is working on AI agents, which means we will get different types of AI that are able to perform different tasks.

The planning of AI integration was revealed at the recent Meta Connect 2023 conference, where the company shared some more information about the future possibilities. Further, the founder explains that the AI agents are only the first step towards AI integration, while the company’s main vision is to create a metaverse where humans and computers can interact at the highest levels. As the AI is capable of learning new things, with time, the AI agents will improve and be able to have more meaningful conversations.

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